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Parasite (Trailer)


Parasite is about the conflict between human development and nature. It is frame by frame digital animation. It makes use of stark contrasts - the color black, white, and orange combined with abstract shapes and movement to represent the power of nature and human greed.


Concept Design:

This animated short is about the process of a natural character is worn out by the endless plundering of human development. They are intertwined with each other, and the natural character was all covered by the buildings. But at the end of my animation, it is reborn in the form of a small drop of water. The endless human greed eventually leads to destruction as consuming the gradual lack of natural resources to grow up. However, nature will always begin anew in its destruction.


I gain a sense of the relationship between the city and nature from my experience of living in different places and environments. The conflict between them is the main topic I want to show in this animation. The contrast between the woman and the parasite on her dress represents the contrast between nature and human development. I want to focus on the expression of mental and physical oppression from this conflict.

Character Design:


Early Version Storyboards(draft):

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